Red, Yellow, and Blue

My mother told me about how Isobel Moore talked in her newsletter about taking a limited amount of colors of yarn and making as many different colors from them as possible. This really got my create juices flowing. I immediately got on Isabel’s newsletter mailing list. Here’s a link to her blog, if you are interested. I got a thank you email from her where she invited me to hit reply and ask questions or just chat. So, I did. I just let her know what my plan was and that I’d give her credit for the idea. She sent me back a reply pretty quickly. So nice! She said that the idea wasn’t a new one and explained how people use red, yellow, blue, white, and black yarn in various combinations to achieve all kinds of colors. That really got me enthused even more! Anybody that has been viewing my blog for any amount of time knows that I love to play with color. Of course, I’ll have to make my own rules.

Above is my first sample, using Caron’s Simply Soft yarn in harvest red, sunshine, and cobalt blue. Wanted to get that posted. Now, I’m going to go see what other yarn I can play with…..

EDIT: Apparently when my mom and I talked about this there was a misunderstanding. I was talking about crocheting when my mom brought up what Isobel Moore was doing, and I assumed she was working with yarn. My bad. She was talking about working with color in PAINT.

3-in-1 Mosaic Pattern

I got this pattern from an online book called “Learn to Crochet Mosaic Hats”, by Melissa Leapman. I just made a sample of the design, not the whole hat. I will do this with all the designs. There were no maps, or charts, for this, I had to make my own. If you want, I can include that here, and in later posts. Just let me know. The directions for this hat were confusing. It starts with how to do the pattern, which is built on 4 foundations rows. The directions for the foundation rows are later in the pattern. That’s just silly. And confusing. But, I do like the pattern.