Vancouver Lake, Washington

Last Sunday, my mom and I went to Vancouver Lake to watch rowing competition. Carrying the boat in the above picture is a 4 woman team that includes my cousin. She’s the one with the green bag against her thigh.

Here, they are about to tip the boat over and place it on the water.

This picture is after they rowed off. You can see all kinds of boats on the water. You can also see Mt Hood in the background. Not long after they got started rowing around the lake to the starting point, the wind really kicked up. There’s an island that they row around and then come back to the above spot. The finish line is between the 2 orange buoys. Unfortunately, the wind knocked them off course. They ended up too close to shore and had to be rescued. They were the last ones in. The rest of the day was canceled. But, my cousin and her team mates made it to shore just fine, which is all that really matters.

My cousin had a race earlier in the day that they were able to finish. It was an 8 person team. They are considered novice, but competed with 2 established teams. They came in second. Awesome!

Here is a pic of my mom, my cousin, and me. I was a wee bit cold.

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