I was sitting out back on the porch enjoying a little crochet when something caught my eye. I looked to my left shoulder and was nose to nose with this little critter. Yea, I screamed. It’s embarrassing. I jumped up and he fell off my shoulder. Then, of course, I had to get close and look at him. He’s very interesting. Anybody know what he is?

EDIT: I originally put this in the computer to post last summer, but I kept pushing it back so that I could post other things. I really don’t crochet outside in January. In Washington.

5 thoughts on “BUG!!

      • Me too. Snakes spook me the worst. We have rattler’s and of corse they warn you unless it’s cold but that noise makes my skin crawl and often crickets and grasshoppers make a similar one. 😬


      • Oh, god, snakes are the worst! I found a snake skin in my yard and freaked out. I just can’t do snakes. No rattlers here, at least.

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