Karen Lynne Who?

I just did a little research online and there are Karen Lynne’s or Karen Lynn’s, or just plain Karen’s all over the place. So, I’m thinking I need to change my blog name, and/or my ETSY site name. My ETSY site has been paired down to just 12 crochet scarf patterns. My blog is just a mishmash of whatever I’m working on. Anybody have any ideas?

To apologize for this, here’s a picture of Brady. He’s concerned about my business name, too.


We had some seriously hot weather here in Washington last weekend. On Sunday, it climbed to 112 degrees! I put a bowl of ice in front of a fan to help cool down my Art room. Brady kept stealing ice cubes.

On Monday it was 111 degrees before noon. I had frozen a bowl of water to put in front of my little fan. Brady kept licking the ice. I checked, and he had a bowl full of clean, cool water. I guess he really likes ice.