I had to leave Brady alone for about 30 hours last weekend. So, I felt guilty and got him a toy. He wasn’t to sure about it at first.

He’s just looking back at me as if, “What’s this? Can I chew on it?”

He’s thinking things over.

He decided to give it a second try.

Final decision: It’s a good toy. I won’t see him for hours now. Unless it rains.

Karen Lynne Who?

I just did a little research online and there are Karen Lynne’s or Karen Lynn’s, or just plain Karen’s all over the place. So, I’m thinking I need to change my blog name, and/or my ETSY site name. My ETSY site has been paired down to just 12 crochet scarf patterns. My blog is just a mishmash of whatever I’m working on. Anybody have any ideas?

To apologize for this, here’s a picture of Brady. He’s concerned about my business name, too.