Theo, the Great Hunter

Here’s Theo, with another mouse. Or so I thought. It got away from him and I saw that it was a baby bunny.

Here, you can see that Theo caught it again. I ran outside to try and rescue it, but Brady also ran outside. I was too late. I know that this is nature’s way. Most of the time I can deal with it. But, this was the cutest little baby bunny. 😦

P.S. I won’t be letting either Theo or Brady sleep in my room tonight.

Play Time

100_3295Went to visit my parents on Sunday. Mom and I experimented with watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, pens, stencils, and other craft media. We had a great time.


This started out as just smears of paint, but I saw a bunny and decided to bring that out.





100_3296This one is just me playing with different ways of putting paint on paper and blending.







100_3297I like this one best. It has water color paint, watercolor pencils, stencils and paste, and Copic marker.