Are You Bored Yet?

I gave it some thought, throwing ideas back and forth with some friends, and have come up with a list of things to do while stuck in isolation.

Make forts with blankets and furniture.

Play hide and seek with stuffed animals.

Take pics with your phone and learn all the silly things you can do with them on your phone ap.

Play board games.

Play Charades.

Play spoons.

Play musical chairs.

Skype with family and/or friends.

Play I spy.

And, my favorite:

Recreate a scene from your favorite movie with stuffed animals, kitchen utensils, garden tools, or sock puppets.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to add in the comments. If you do any of these things, take video and put it up on u tube. If you put the link in the comments, I will definitely watch it.

We will get through this and see the other side.

Please, everyone, take care and be safe.